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Entering My First Triathlon

Entering My First Triathlon

Entering My First Triathlon

So, you want to be a Triathlete?

As I’m sure you are all aware, the last few years have been tough! Everyone has been affected by it in different ways, but for me, it was the division and isolation that had the most impact. Thankfully, the clouds are lifting, and my motivation and ambition are starting to return. So naturally, I have been scoping out my options for a new challenge/hobby/obsession.

I have always been an active person. Starting out with football, then skating, archery, rugby, boxing, jiu-jitsu and so on. I still love all these sports but the longest-running one for me has been martial arts. Whilst I still enjoy hitting a bag, doing pad work with a friend or even the occasional light spar, I have no interest in competing again.

For those of you on a similar journey thinking “how can I relate to a fighter?”. I am by no means a fighter. My relationship with martial arts has always been focused on self-improvement, self-expression and self-discipline. The competitive streak was a byproduct of my passion for the sport and my competition run was short-lived. Which leads neatly into my search for a new mental/physical/spiritual endeavour.

I recently found myself battling with the idea of competing in Thai boxing again after returning to the gym and sparring with old friends. I love the training, the comradery and the discipline, but the overthinking, worrying about my opponent and everything else is just too much for me as a 31-year-old with no prospects of becoming a professional. In a nutshell, I like the element of competing with myself, not an opponent.

As fate might have it, I was sat at work, risking it all with a second-morning coffee which would undoubtedly leave me fraught and jittery for a few hours. When I get an email from Trevor asking me to check out an outdoor endurance event that he wants to help promote.

As the in-house videographer for Planet X, it would be my job to visit the location of this event and film some promotional content. So naturally, I do my due diligence and look at the website. At that moment, it was a convergence of information, inspiration and chance.

You can take a look at Some of my work so far.

I’m hopped up on caffeine, looking for a new challenge, when I type in the search bar www.marauder.co.uk.

An outdoor endurance event in Allerthorpe starting with a sprint triathlon in summer! The stars aligned in so many ways. Firstly, Allerthorpe is in East Yorkshire and just 20 miles from my hometown of Driffield. So, I not only know how beautiful it is, but how flat it is.

Secondly, this is a sport that requires many of the same qualities as my previous sports demanded but without a physical opponent. Granted, there are competitors, but I feel everyone is like-minded in that they are looking to challenge themselves more than anything.

Thirdly and most importantly, there seems to be a community around it! Although I’ve always responded to individual sports, I’ve always loved and appreciated the teams and friends that come with it. This looks like a very reasonable solution to combatting my feelings of division and isolation.

The icing on the cake was reading Trevor’s blog and getting excited about the sensory element of triathlons. The simplicity and purity of it. After being locked up and forced to live in our heads for years, it is nice to imagine grounding myself in my body. Being attuned to our fundamental senses, hearing birds chirp and feeling a hot breeze as you climb out of the lake. It’s a bonus for me that I will be closer to friends and family when going to the event, as well as it being such a beautiful, idyllic location.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a marauder mindset. Crashing waves, cycling into headwinds as the elements test your will. But I am thrilled to start my triathlon journey in summer, near home, and at a race that is great for both beginners and those who are looking to put in a solid, even record time.

I am going to be vlogging my journey and diving into everything from diet, training, mindset, highs, lows and everything in between. I’ll be putting these straight onto the marauder website so stay tuned. I’d love to hear from you guys whether it be motivational support, questions, thoughts, or even just for a chat. As I say, I’m in this to become a part of a community, I want to be involved in things that connect people, instil confidence and show the strength of the human spirit.