Events Assistant

Ines is Marauder’s events assistant. Coming from a background in trail running events, she loves being out on the trails and is always eager for adventure! Ines has a holistic approach to exercise – you can catch her climbing, cycling, hiking, swimming, or doing yoga, but most often Ines is out, running long distances.


Although she mostly trains alone, Ines loves a weekly social run and is always excited about the next sporting event. Trail ultra marathons are her favourite, having most recently completed a 60-mile ultra. Ines loves the mental challenge, meeting people along the way and soaking in the scenery!

‘Sport is an amazing way to push ourselves beyond what we think we can achieve, meet like-minded people and practice healthy habits. Outside sport, I’m often attached to my Kindle, cooking or taking care of my veg patch!’

‘Nothing beats getting outside and active!’  

Ines trail running