Jamie is our in-house videographer. He ensures that every event gets represented in its full glory as well as keeping the Marauder brand videos on point. Be it submerged in an icy cold lake or filming from the back of moving support vehicles Jamie knows no limits when it comes to capturing the best footage.

From martial arts and yoga to archery and aggressive inline skating, Jamie looks for the creative and grounding elements of any sport/hobby.

His current goal is to compete in all three 2022 Marauder Triathlons and get back into competing in jiu-jitsu.

Despite being very active and a regular athletic competitor, his weakness is any beige-coloured food to which he may have an addiction.

His recommendation for those looking to take part in an endurance event is ‘Routine and discipline give you the freedom to enjoy the journey, the less you have to worry about the more you can take in on the way’.