Customer Engagement Representative – Athletes

Sarah is responsible for looking after Marauder athletes. Don’t let her calm attitude fool you, if you need a job doing, Sarah has it covered, making sure everyone remembers to relax and enjoy the day.

Our outdoors-loving lady from Lancashire, she’s not afraid of a challenge and has a habit of picking up dangerous (and expensive!) hobbies.

She enjoys; getting outdoors for a hike with her dog – Fern, climbing, skiing, and cycling – she is a self-proclaimed Roadie/Bike packing hybrid, after blindly loading up her trusty alloy road bike for numerous bike packing trips around the country (she’s getting better and more streamlined at it though!).

Sarah loves travelling and was a Ski/Chalet Host in the French Alps and has lived in a van in New Zealand – her next travelling plans involve bike packing around the coast near Amsterdam.

Her best tip for anyone thinking about entering an endurance event is to not think about it too much – It’s all about having the most fun that you can on the day…and remember that type-2 fun is addictive!