Join the Marauder Community.

We founded the Marauder Community with one goal in mind.

Bringing outdoor athletes of all abilities together, to take part in outdoor endurance events and races across the Kingdom of Jorvik – otherwise known as the ancient, rugged ‘Viking Territory’ of Yorkshire and the North East.

(You often hear the word “marauder” in relation to Viking history, and the image of bands of marauding Vikings plundering the countryside instantly put us in mind of a bracing multi-sport event!)

If you’re wondering whether you’ve got what it takes to become a Marauder yourself, know this. Anyone can accomplish tough endurance goals, no matter what their ability, or how their body is built.

We know this because we’re a diverse group of athletes from various sporting backgrounds. We run, we swim, we bike, we guide expeditions, and we coach triathlons. And we’ve spent enough time around outdoor enthusiasts to know there’s one key trait that elevates some athletes above the rest of the pack.

Hint: it’s not natural talent.

What is the Marauder Mindset?

Successful athletes all have one thing in common. They don’t just say, they do.

We don’t define a successful endurance event by our ultimate placing or finishing time. We define a successful endurance event by putting in the effort to train and prepare, then showing up on the day to achieve what we said we would.

That’s why the Marauder Community is focused on developing the Marauder Warrior Mindset, which is formed from resilience, tenacity, and Belief.

Why join the Marauder Community?

Whatever your current fitness level, as a member of the Marauder Community you will find the platform – and the support – you need to test your ability and achieve your goals.

We take your outdoor endurance goals as seriously as you do, working closely with our own specialist advisory panel, Triathlon England, and Triathlon Yorkshire, to guide our programme of multi-sport events and make each one the best it can be.

Be part of the action!

Entering a Marauder Event couldn’t be easier. Sign up securely on our website, and you’ll automatically become part of the Marauder Community.

You’ll receive a series of motivational emails and detailed competitor race notes in the run-up to your chosen event, and be guided safely on the day by experienced athletes.

Based on the information you provide when you register, we’ll also group you with athletes of a similar ability… so who knows, along with that glowing sense of accomplishment, you could come away with a brand-new training buddy!

It’s time to close the “say-do” gap

As an athlete, the space between saying and doing is where you will realise your endurance potential, and achieve one personal goal after another.

As a member of the Marauder Community, you’ll also have a wealth of friendly and experienced support on your side.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your first Marauder Event here, and turn your words into positive action!