Triathlon in Yorkshire

The Triathlon community in Yorkshire is friendly and welcoming. Yorkshire Triathlon Clubs are not exclusive clubs for elite or “fast” triathletes. Triathlon clubs comprise a diverse range of Triathletes from super experienced to total novices.  

If you are interested in a Yorkshire Triathlon or getting involved as a volunteer in a Triathlon in Yorkshire, we have compiled a list of British Triathlon-affiliated Yorkshire Triathlon clubs.  

Adwick Triathlon Club – Adwick Triathlon Club Doncaster. You can contact Adwick Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Barracuda Triathlon Club – Barracuda Triathlon Club Beverley. You can contact Barracuda Triathlon Club here. [email protected]

Calderdale Triathlon Club – Calderdale Tri Club Hebden Bridge. You can contact Calderdale Triathlon Club here [email protected] 

Cleethorpes Triathlon Club – Cleethorpes Tri Club Grimsby. You can contact Cleethorpes Triathlon club here  [email protected] 

Craven Energy Triathlon Club – Craven Energy Skipton. You can contact Craven Energy Triathlon Club here.  [email protected]

Doncaster Triathlon Club – Doncaster Triathlon Club Doncaster. You can contact Doncaster Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Doncaster Triathlon Club – Real Fitness Race Team – REAL FITNESS RACE TEAM Doncaster. You can contact Real Fitness Triathlon Clube here [email protected]

Driffield Triathlon Club – Wolds Triathlon Club Driffield. You can contact Driffield Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Goole Triathlon Club – Lion Squad Goole. You can contact Goole Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Harrogate Triathlon Club – Harrogate Tri Club Harrogate. You can contact Harrogate Triathlon Club here [email protected] 

Huddersfield Triathlon Club – Huddersfield Triathlon Club Huddersfield. You can contact Huddersfield Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Malton Triathlon Club – Ryedale Tri Malton. You can contact Malton Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Leeds Triathlon Clubs:

Hyde Park Harriers Triathlon Club – Hyde Park Harriers Triathlon Leeds. You can contact Hyde Park Harriers Triathlon Club here. [email protected]

Leeds and Bradford Triathlon Club – Leeds And Bradford Triathlon Club Leeds. You can contact Leeds and Bradford Triathlon Club here. [email protected]

Leeds Triathlon Centre – Leeds Triathlon Centre Leeds. You can contact Leeds triathlon Centre here [email protected]

Morley Triathlon Club – Morley Triathlon Club Morley, Leeds. You can contact Morley Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Bramley Triathlon Club – Tri Bramley Baths Bramley, Leeds. You can contact Bramley Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Roundhay Triathlon Club – Valley Striders Triathlon Club Roundhay, Leeds. You can contact Roundhay Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Ripon Triathlon Club – NYP Tri Ripon. You can contact NYP Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Ripon Triathlon Club – NYP TriStars Ripon. You can contact NYP Tristars here [email protected]

Richmond Triathlon Club –  Richmond Triathlon Club Richmond. You can contact Richmond Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Rotherham Triathlon Club – Team Manvers Rotherham. You can contact Rotherham Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Sheffield Triathlon Club – Sheffield Triathlon Club Sheffield. You can contact Sheffield Triathlon Club here  [email protected]

Tadcaster Triathlon Club – T3 Tadcaster Triathlon Team Tadcaster. You can contact Tadcaster Triathlon Club here [email protected]

Wakefield Triathlon Club – Wakefield Triathlon Club Wakefield. You can contact Wakefield Triathlon Club here [email protected]

York Triathlon Clubs:

York Triathlon Club – York Triathlon Club York. You can contact York Triathlon Club here  [email protected]

York Triathlon Club – Swans Tri Club York. You can contact York Triathlon Club here  [email protected]